Successful private surgical procedures
begin with the right information.

Your recovery and well being are our first priority. 

Pre-Operative Preparation

Pre-operative procedures are designed to improve the outcome of the surgery. This decreases the risk of complications and makes the surgery as safe and effective as possible. Our staff are fully trained and ready to work with your Physician and Surgeon to guarantee a successful outcome.

Nothing is to be ingested after midnight, on the night before the procedure. However, there are now new guidelines in place that permit water, clear apple juice and clear tea to be taken up to four hours before surgery. This precaution minimizes the risk of complications such as vomiting during surgery.

Discontinuing prescription and over-the-counter medications that 'thin' the blood, such as aspirin may be necessary prior to surgery. Patients who take prescription medications on a regular basis must discuss this with the surgeon, anesthesiologist, or nursing staff in advance of a surgical procedure. The information gathered helps the anesthesiologist select the most suitable anesthetic agents and dosages to avoid complications.

Upon Arrival at the Surgical Centre

Patients must arrange for someone to drive them home and be with them for the first 24 hours upon discharge. 

All patients must sign an informed consent form. The surgery will not proceed unless the consent form is signed.

Patients will have to remove personal items (e.g., jewelry, eyeglasses, hairpieces, contact lenses, dentures) before surgery. This policy protects the patient and prevents the items from being lost or damaged. 

Post Operative Care

Our Post-Anesthetic Recovery Unit (PACU) is a quit private environment for you to recover in, under the watchful of eye of staff who are there to monitor you.

Some patients experience pain and nausea and others have minimal soreness. Medications to manage these symptoms will be administered as needed.

In most cases post-op pain management prescriptions are provided and can be filled at the on-site Pharmacy for convenience.