Practicing Physicians

Our Physicians and staff make up your team for the duration of your procedure, from the consultation stage to your post-operative recovery. We take the time to give you thorough pre-op information and the personal care you deserve when facing a surgical procedure. We follow up with you once you are home.

All our Physicians practice at local hospitals. However, OR time in these hospitals is very limited, and in most cases surgeons have only one day a week to operate. This is the main contributing factor that results in long wait times for MSP, BC Medical funded surgeries. 

Plastic Surgeons

  • Dr. Peter Oleson
  • Dr. Robin Evans

Orthopaedic Surgeons

  • Dr. JJ van Sittert
  • Dr. Stephen Sohmer
  • Dr. Kirk Sundby
  • Dr. Thomas Woods


  • Dr. Elizabeth Cornock


  • Dr. Stuart Holms
  • Dr. Trevor Van Oostrom
  • Dr. Andrew Cook
  • Dr. Jonathan Watson